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Slovenia - Road Rules

Slovenia has a new network of motorways crossing the country and providing good connections to Italy and Austria as well as south and east to Croatia and Hungary.  These require a motorway pass.  Back roads can be very scenic, and mountainous in the Triglav region with many hairpin bends.

Speed limits

  • 50km/h in built up areas
  • 90/100km/h on single/dual carriageways
  • 130km/h on motorways

Emergency numbers




  • Reflective jacket if leaving vehicle on motorway or in poor visibility or night
  • Warning triangle - two if towing


  • Replacement vehicle bulbs
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit

Driving Licence

18 min age - older green licences should be updated or with IDP


Third party compulsory

Drink Driving

Allowed limit is 0.05 - drivers can still be fined if under the limit but unable to drive safely.


Issued on the spot for speeding ot other infringements

Seat Belts

Child under 12 and smaller than 1.5 metres must use suitable restraint system. If it is not possible to secure children with a suitable restraint system, they are only permitted to travel in the rear seats. Children over 12 may wear normal seat belts.

Other Rules

Dipped lights must be used at all times

Winter tyres or snow chains required during winter weather conditions

Road conditions and drivers

Toll motorways require a pass - these can be bought at border crossings and petrol stations.

Secondary roads are often poorly maintained. Tertiary roads can be mainly gravel.

Roads signs are very good.