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Soca Valley - Slovenia

Kozjak Waterfall, Kobarid Soca ValleySoca Valley

In the far west of Slovenia, bordering Italy is the Soca valley. Kobarid is the main town here, set alongside the Soca gorge. The river is incredibly clear and blue, running down from the mountain and the winter's snows.

The whole Soca valley has become a centre for extreme sports and there are many people out an about in kayaks and rafts on the river. Paragliding is also a popular sport here, with many people ascending the surrounding hills with huge backpacks then jumping off and soaring around the area.

The main attraction of Kobarid besides these sports is the historical walk. The Soca valley was a major front during the First World War and ruined Italian troop emplacements still surround the area. The route takes you through many of these narrow gullies and steep staircases carved out of the cliff faces. There are also several nice lookout points along the trail through the woods, with views of the beautiful Soca valley. The path crosses the river twice - once on the elegant Napoleon Bridge the second on a narrow and high suspension bridge over the swiftest and deepest part of the gorge.

The highlight of the walk is the beautiful Kozjak waterfall. There are two falls to be seen along a tributary of the Soca. The first is under a stone bridge and not very impressive, but the second is fantastic. It's hard to get to with the path leading over two rail less bridges and with the waterfall itself hidden almost completely in a cave. To view the falls you have to ascend a flimsy walkway clinging to the rock wall. There's only a metal wire at the back of the walkway to hang on to and it's a long way down to the water! The waterfall is magnificent though, tumbling out of a hole in the cave roof and forming a 15-metre column of white water before plunging into a turquoise pool. The lighting and colours are amazing, really vivid and beautiful with the sun shining through the trees and into the cave.

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