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Bohinj - Slovenia

Bohinj Valley Savica WaterfallIbex Statue, Bohinj Valley

The glacial valley of Bohinj is further up the river from Bled and culminates in a 3km long lake surrounded by Slovenia's highest mountains. The lake waters are very still and the mountains reach down to the lake's northern shore, reflected in the water.

The road continues just a few more kilometres beyond the lake before the terrain gets too steep and footpaths become the only possible way to travel. The lake isn't as beautiful as Bled although the scenery is much more dramatic, with all the surrounding mountains still snow-capped.

From the end of the lake runs a cable car to the Mt Vogel ski area. It shoots up 1000m in a little under three minutes at an almost 45 degree angle, giving impressive views all the way up. The cable car is so smooth it almost feels like you are flying as it swoops over the gullies of the mountain.

At the top of the cable car the air still feels like winter, fresh and clean and very cold. The snow is still on the ground in places, giving the landscape a marbled texture. From here ski lifts operate in the winter and there are hiking paths to the summits of many of the peaks. The views down the Bohinj valley are incredible. The lake is right below, and further away are several small villages scattered throughout the valley. In the hills are many small alpine pastures seemingly inaccessible from below. In the background are the tall mountains on the Austrian border, some shrouded in cloud.

Further up the valley from the lake at the very end of the road is the Savica waterfall. It's over five hundred steep steps up the trail that winds along the gorge to the falls. The waterfall itself tumbles from a gap in the sheer cliff face and the views from the top of the trail are impressive. Looking back down the valley the lake is overshadowed by the huge mountains and it's possible to see the top of the cable car run.

Bohinj is a lovely valley and a really great place to begin a walk into the mountains. It's certainly worth a day trip from Bled if not more as the mountain scenery is incredible.

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