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Vintgar Gorge - Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge Vintgar Gorge

A short distance out from Bled is the fantastic Vintgar Gorge. The gorge is a mile long following the river, beneath towering tree-covered cliffs. The path leads along old wooden walkways which criss-cross the roaring waters and cling to the cliff walls for quite some distance. These are narrow in places with the gorge often overhanging and provide fantastic views of the river's course.

The river is incredibly clear and turquoise blue, although it foams green and white as it heads through the faster sections. The recent rains have helped give it a more dramatic feel with the waters swollen, and made the waterfall at the end of the trail more impressive.

The Vintgar Gorge is a popular excursion from Bled, and it's possible to walk there through a couple of intervening villages. The high cliffs ensure that the walk is always sheltered and shady and the fairly level terrain makes for a nice afternoon stroll.


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