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Postojnska Jama Caves - Slovenia

Postojnska Jama Caves Postojnska Jama Caves

The Postojnska Jama Caves are Slovenia's biggest tourist attraction and one of the largest cave complexes in the world. The huge network of caverns is reached by underground train which winds its way from grotto to grotto all bedecked with marvelous stalactite and stalagmite formations.

The caves are very busy and the initial part of the walking tour can get very crowedd, but once underway everyone spreads out a little and there's plenty of room to look at the wonderful rock formations. Most impressive are the wavy 'curtains', caused by stalactites forming on a sloping roof, which are almost transparent in places.

The tour ends with a brief look at one of the creatures unique to the caves, a blind lizard, with very small legs and no skin pigment. They are quite cute and can apparently live for over 100 years in the darkness of the deeper caves.

The sheer number of fantastic caves here is incredible - they seem to stretch off for miles in every direction with gigantic caverns full of huge stalagmites and elegant stalagtites. These are best appreciated on the little electric train as it shoots through the caves, somehow seeming like it's out of control as it takes visitors to and from the caverns.

The Postojnska Caves are a fantastic attraction, despite the theme park atmosphere and the huge number of visitors. The cave system is incredible, with too many beautiful cave formations to take in.

Just up the road from Postojnska Jama is the castle of Predgamski Grad, which is worth a quick visit if only to look at the fantastic location. The castle seems to grow from the mouth of a cave, with a massive limestone outcrop towering above and doesn't really look real. The castle also has it's own caves underneath, although these aren't as spectacular as the ones down the road.

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