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Pokljuka Gorge - Slovenia

Pokljuka Hole High Walkway, Pokljuka GorgePokljuka Gorge

The Pokljuka Gorge is a little further out from Bled than the popular Vintgar Gorge and is much quieter. The river that cut this out of the 50 metre high cliffs has since disappeared into the ground, leaving behind the largest fossil gorge in Slovenia.

The walk through the gorge is very steep in places and very peaceful. The cliff walls open out into tree-filled clearings before closing in to being just a few metres apart. The narrower sections have overhanging rocks, which seem ready to collapse at any moment and there is loads of loose rubble along the ground. At the narrowest point a wooden walkway has been built, anchored to the rock some 15 metres above the ground. The climb up to this is really steep and the walkway itself is old with some rotten planks that you can see right through. This path winds between the gorge as it narrows to shoulder width and becomes dark stairs leading to the next level.

To one side of the gorge is the Pokljuka Hole - a huge open cave with three windows and two massive entrances. This was used as a short cut up the mountain as it connects the gorge with the plain above, and forms part of the trails still.

The Pokljuka Gorge is more dramatic than Vintgar, but lacks the beauty of the river. It's also extremely quiet and at times feels like you are completely cut off from the rest of the world. While this is fine in the flatter sections, the raised walkway is scary enough without the added isolation.

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