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Attractions in Slovenia

Bohinj ValleyBohinj

The glacial valley of Bohinj is further up the river from Bled and culminates in a 3km long lake surrounded by Slovenia's highest mountains. The lake waters are very still and the mountains reach down to the lake's northern shore, reflected in the water.


Kamnik is a small peaceful town on the very edge of Slovenia's Alpine region. From the town's tiny castle there are fantastic views over the red rooftops, church spires and old town squares to the dramatically close mountains.

Lake BledLake Bled

Bled is a small town on the edge of Slovenia's Triglav National Park and set right on a 2km long lake. The scenery is amazing. The lake has it's own small island with a fairy tale church and there's a castle overlooking the water on a rocky outcrop. The whole area is surrounded by huge hills and the massive snowy mountains that form the border with Austria.

Dragon Statue, LjubljanaLjubljana

Small and compact as most capital cities go, Ljubljana has a youthful vibrant feel, with many street cafes filling the old squares and lining the riverbanks.

Pokljuka HolePokljuka Gorge

The Pokljuka Gorge is a little further out from Bled than the popular Vintgar Gorge and is much quieter. The river that cut this out of the 50 metre high cliffs has since disappeared into the ground, leaving behind the largest fossil gorge in Slovenia.

Postojnska Jama CavesPostojnska Jama Caves

The Postojnska Jama Caves are Slovenia's biggest tourist attraction and one of the largest cave complexes in the world. The huge network of caverns is reached by underground train which winds its way from grotto to grotto all bedecked with marvelous stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Skocjanske Jame cavesSkocjanske Jame Caves

Slovenia's only UNESCO World Heritage site, the Skocjanske Jame caves are located a short drive from the more popular Postojnska Jama and are an incredible sight.

Kozjak Waterfall, KobaridSoca Valley

In the far west of Slovenia, bordering Italy is the Soca valley. Kobarid is the main town here, set alongside the Soca gorge. The river is incredibly clear and blue, running down from the mountain and the winter's snows.

Vintgar GorgeVintgar Gorge

A short distance out from Bled is the fantastic Vintgar Gorge. The gorge is a mile long following the river, beneath towering tree-covered cliffs.