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South East Asia

South East Asia is an exotic destination and is one of the best regions of the world to visit. Transport links in and out are good with Bangkok in Thailand one of the great hubs of the region and the starting point for many visitors. This clash of traditional beliefs and brash moderninity is replicated in cities across the region, with Singapore and Hanoi offering different takes on this combination.

Ancient temples such as the Angkor complex in Cambodia and Borubdur in Indonesia are world wonders in their own right. However other ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples are equally amazing and can be found right across South East Asia.

A major draw is the countryside - dramartic karst outcrops are an iconic feature of the region, creating areas such as the otherworldly Vietnam's Ha Long Bay or Thailand's famous Andaman coast. Inland these steep jungle clad mountains make Laos a magical destination. National parks are springing up - these areas are vast and strongly protected with visitors allowed only in a small sections. Khao Sok in Thailand is one of the greatest of these with many rare species of animal including tigers living within the boundaries.

The cost of living here is still very low which attracts visitors for longer stays. While many of the beach resports have gone up market and now attract foreign holidaymakers there are still secluded places where you can stay right on the beach for very little - and the beaches in the region are simpy stunning, with golden sand and clear turquoise waters.

The cultural differences attract many people to South East Asia. The smells of exotic food, sounds and colours of the markets are so strange and this is especially so in the modern cities where glass skyscrapes compete with hand-cart vendors for space.