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Spain - Road Rules

Spain is an easy country to get around, with a good network of toll motorways connecting the major destinations. While the scenic coast road can become crowded at times near the major destinations, inland is much quieter with stress free driving. The big tourist attractions in Spain are quite a way apart so touring the country is a good option if you want to experience more than the seaside.

Speed limits

  • Built up areas - 50km/h
  • Normal roads - 90km/h
  • Dual carriageways - 100km/h
  • Motorways - 120km/h

Emergency numbers



  • Reflective jackets
  • Warning triangle (two recommended)
  • Spare tyre and changing equipment


Minimum age for driving a car on an imported licence is 18.


3rd party compulsory.

Drink Driving

Blood alcohol limit is 0.05% or 0.03% for new drivers. Heavy fines and imprisonment can be imposed for exceeding these limits.


One the spot fines can be issued - an official receipt should be obtained.

Seat Belts

Compulsory for all passengers if fitted.

Other Rules

Use of radar detectors is illegal

Any device with a screen (except GPS) must be positioned where the driver cannot be distracted.

Only fully hands-free phones can be used - headphones or headsets are not allowed.

Road conditions and drivers

Spain has a mix of toll and free motorways. Many of these are still under construction - the unfinished southern coast road is an impressive piece of engineering, either tunnels or bridges the whole way.

Back roads in the centre are very quiet and scenic - however the series of ring roads around Madrid can become very busy at times.