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Ciudad Encantada - Spain

Tormo Alto, Ciudad Encantada Ciudad EncantadaDevil's Window, Ciudad Encantada

The Ciudad Encantada (Enchanted City) is an area of carved rocks formed into strange shapes by the actions of wind and water.  Situated near the city of Cuenca on the river Jucar, these karst formations have taken millenia to evolve into the complex shapes they are today.

Between the Ciudad Encantada and Cuenca lies the gorge of the river Jucar.  The most impressive section is the Devil's Window, a huge rock arch offering views into the gorge and the steeply forested hillside.

There are paths and trails leading through the Ciudad Encantada and the various rock formations are  all named and labelled.  Highlights are the narrow 'toboggan run', the 'elephant and crocodile' and the precarious looking 'Tormo Alto'.

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