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Valencia - Spain

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Dolphin show, Oceanographic, Valencia

Valencia is Spain's third largest city and located on the eastern Mediterranean coast.  Its old town is full of narrow streets, churches and museums but it is the newest part of the city that is the most fascinating.

The dried up Turia river that used to encircle the city is now a long atretch of parkland with many play areas and places to relax and unwind.  At the far end is the ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences.  This complex, designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, consists of three major sections.  The Oceanographic is the largest aquarium in Europe and houses many species of fish as well as sharks, dolphins and other marine animals.  The tunnels through these areas are some of the longest and allow up close encounters with all these animals.

The Science Museum is nearby, set amongst pools of water and looking like the skeleton of a giant beached whale.  Next to this is the Hemispheric, an eye shaped building containing an IMAX cinema and planetarium.  The otherworldly Opera house, looking like some kind of alien spaceship completes the complex.

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