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Guadalest - Spain

Tower Crag, Guadalest GuadalestEl Castell de GuadalestAlgar waterfalls

Guadalest is a small village located in the mountains, a short drive from the Costa Blanca coast.  The area is extremely mountainous, with outcrops of rock everywhere.  Guadalest's main sights are the castle and and tower-crag, both perched on the top of rocky outcrops, overlooking the surrounding valley.  Several museums have sprung up since tourists have found the village, but it's the location that's really unique.  From the top of the walled town, there are views down to the reservoir and hills beyond.

Further downstream from Guadalest are the Algar waterfalls, a series of cascades with walkways running up and down them.  While not the grandest waterfall they are still pleasant respite from the heat of the day.

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