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Segovia - Spain

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Segovia, just north of Madrid is set along a ridge and has several major attractions beside the many jewellery shops that fill the old town.  The Gothic cathedral sits at the highest point of the city, dominating the skyline for miles around.  From the main square it seems even bigger, towering into the sky.

From the eastern end of the town streteches the Roman aquaduct, reaching 29 metres high and stretching almost half a mile across the valley.  This towers over a pedestrianised area of the town with pavement cafes and passes through the old city walls above.

Segovia's other major attraction is the alcazar (castle).  Set on a rocky promentory at the other end of town, the conical towers and deep most give it a fairy tale feel.  The castle is best viewed from the valley below where it rises up on a steep crag in a very imposing manner.

Just south of Segovia is the royal palace and gardens of La Granja.  The 300 room palace is open to the public, while the gardens cascade down the hillside, complete with fountains, waterfalls and a small maze.

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