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Windmills of Castilla-La Mancha - Spain

Windmills of Castilla-La Mancha Windmills of Castilla-La Mancha

The province of Castilla-La Mancha has changed little since the times of Cervantes and his creation Don Quixiote.  This barren and windswept land is the true heart of Spain, with small towns clinging on to life in the searing heart of summer and freezing cold of winter.  Windmills, set up along the ridges once proivided the main source of power here, while most of these are now gone, modern windmills are being built all the time to once again harvest the winds.

Two locations still have several restored windmills in place.  The town Criptana has several restored windmills set above the town, but the best location is at Consruega.  Here 12 of the 13 original mills still stand, running along the ridge.  Consuegra's 12th century castle sits at the end of the ridge, forming a perfect backdrop to the mills and virtually unchanged from Cervantes day.

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