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Alhambra - Spain

Alhambra Palace Generalife GardensAlhambra PalaceAlhambra Palace

Granada's Alhambra Palace is one of the great accomplishments of Islamic art and architecture.  Sat on a rocky promontory above the town, the palace and gardens were built in the 15th century for Granada's Muslim rulers.

The Alhambra is set in extensive grounds, most notably the gardens of the Generalife.  This tranquil place has carefully sculpted water gardens and patios and offers stunning views over the Alhambra, and the surrounding city and countryside.

The Alhambra itself is a fantastic series of buildings, complete with reflecting pools.  Inside, the walls are intricately decorated with geometric patterns and motifs.  The palace's location above the gorge give amazing views straight down onto the city below and the hills beyond.

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