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Gibraltar - Spain

Rock of Gibraltar GibraltarBarbary Apes, Gibraltar

Gibraltar, sat at the foot of one of the legendary Pillars of Hercules is a place apart. Geographically Spanish, the colony is defiantly British – indeed the first impression is of a British town, only a lot warmer and sunnier!

The town sits around the base of the huge Rock of Gibraltar and is reached by a narrow causeway which also forms the territories airport runway. The summit of the rock is reached by cable car – from here there are views across the busy straits to Africa and to the Spanish towns on the mainland. Barbary apes run wild up here, while below several caves and tunnels run through the rock.

The Bay of Gibraltar is a popular destination for dolphin watching trips. There are several pods of bottle nose dolphins that live within the bay and they like to ride the wake of the boat, racing through the water for tourists pleasure.

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