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Switzerland - Road Rules

Switzerland is situated at the crossroads of Europe and has good connections both north and south.  Roads can become quite crowded at weekends, especially the major tunnels through the Alps.  Mountain passes, while extremely scenic, are challenging driving in any weather with frequent hairpins and steep bends.

Speed limits

  • Built up areas - 50km/h
  • Normal roads - 80km/h
  • Dual Carriageways - 100km/h
  • Motorways - 120km/h

Emergency numbers



Warning triangles are compulsory and must be kept within easy reach and used in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Snow chains are compulsory where indicated.


Minimum driving age is 18 with a foreign licence.


Third Party compulsory. Although Switzerland lies outside of the EU, reciprocal insurance still applies here so if you are insured at home you will still be covered for 3rd party.

Drink Driving

Allowance is 0.05% blood alcohol level. Exceeding this can lead to heavy fines or imprisonment.


One the spot fines can be applied. Severe fines for speeding.

Seat Belts

Compulsory for all passengers if fitted.

Other Rules

Radar detectors are prohibited even if switched off and any navigation system which has maps showing the location of speed cameras must have this function deactivated.

Pedestrians generally have right of way everywhere

Road conditions and drivers

As Switzerland lies at the crossroads of Europe roads can be very busy at times, particularly the Alpine tunnels. A motorway pass must be displayed when driving on any motorways or dual carriageways - this can be purchased at border crossings and is valid for a calendar year, plus the following January.

Mountain passes can be very steep and challenging driving - take care in every instance. Local drivers can be fast - they know the roads so don't try and keep up!