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Rheinfall - Switzerland

Rheinfall Rheinfall WaterfallRheinfall boats

Situated along the Rhine, near the town of Schaffhausen, Rheinfall is the largest waterfall in Europe.  Although the drop is relatively small at only 23m, the volume of water cascading over the falls is immense, thundering past at quite a volume.

A promenade runs down the edge of the falls and viewing platforms are set along both sides.  These offer spectacular views over the cascades with the castle of Schloss Laufen behind.  Further along the river another castle, Schloss Worth, stands in the river.  From here boat trips run to the base of the falls, covering visitors in the spray.

This whole section of the Rhine is worth exploring – castles line the banks along a very scenic stretch of the river, of which the Rheinfall is the highlight.

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