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Trummelbach Falls - Switzerland

Trummelbach Falls Cave waterfall at TrummelbachTrummelbach FallsTrummelbach FallsLauterbrunnen Valley

South of Interlaken, lies the Lauterbrunnen Valley.  Sheer rock cliffs tower above you all the way through this valley and waterfalls tumble from both sides.  However the most impressive falls are at Trummelbach  - a ten tier waterfall almost entirely within the mountain cliff, carved out by glacier meltwater.  The waterfalls here drain the glacial basins of the Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau and can flow at an impressive 20,000 litres per second.

Access to the waterfalls is by a lift built into the cliff – this takes you to the topmost falls.  From here a maze of passageways runs down the falls, sometimes opening out above them onto metal gantries.  Other levels have windows cut so visitors can view the full force of the waterfall as it crashes through the cave system.

The falls are fast and furious and mainly hidden deep within the mountain.  Spray cascades through the windows, drenching those brave enough to get too close.  The lower falls open out onto the outside world, a tumultuous fury of water, crashing and churning against itself as it breaks free from the mountain.

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