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Aar Gorge - Switzerland

Aar Gorge AareschluchtAar Gorge

Situated just East of Interlaken, the Aar Gorge (Aareschlucht) is a narrow gorge cutting through a section of limestone rock.  Formed at the end of an ice age, the gorge is only a few metres wide in places but a mile long and the towering cliffs 50 metres high.

The Aar gorge has been open to the public for a long time – walkways were originally added so visitors could experience the gorge as early as 1889.  Several sections are cut into the cliff and in places you can see the ruins of the railway that used to run through here, attached to the cliff wall.

Small waterfalls tumble from all sides, and in places the roof almost seems to meet.  The top end opens out onto the upper Aare valley, with spectacular view to the mountains beyond.

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