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Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai - Thailand

Tiger Kingdom Baby Tiger, Tiger Kingdom

Just north of Chiang Mai is Tiger Kingdom, one of the strangest tourist attractions in the area.  Run by Udon Zoo, Tiger Kingdom allows you to get up close with the tigers – inside the cages with them in fact!  It's a very controlled environment with the keepers having a very close watch on everything.

You choose the tigers you wish to visit from month old cubs up to fully grown adults.  The youngest are very small and you can help bottle feed them.  The older cubs around 5 months old and bigger than house cats are very lively and energetic much like oversized kittens.  The laregst tigers are much more sedentary – not surprising as tigers are nocturnal and usualy only really active to hunt – but it gets really scary when they do move!

There are quite surreal moments when you remember that you're in a cage with a tiger - it's definitely a unique experience!

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