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Death Railway, Kanchanaburi - Thailand

Death Railway, Kanchanaburi Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

The 'death railway', built by Allied prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation of Thailand initially linked Thailand with Burma through seemingly impassable terrain.  Little of the railway remains, just a short stretch running from Kanchanaburi to the waterfall at Sai Yok.  This is still a very scenic 3 hour journey.  It begins at the famous bridge, runs alongside the beautiful river Kwae and through fields of sugar cane and tamarind.  Towards the end of the trip there are very dramatic cuttings through solid rock and the railway slowly crawls over unsteady looking trestle bridges high above the turquoise river.  Karst landscapes in the background complete the picture.

At the Sai Yok end of the journey there's a short walk along the former route of the railway to the waterfall of Sai Yok Noi.  There's not much water in the dry season, but still enough to swim in with the locals.  The upper falls can be climbed to and provide welcome respite from the heat of the day.  Above the falls are some caves to explore – but bring a torch!

Further along the dismantled railway lies the infamous Hellfire Pass, now a haunting memorial walk to the prisoners of war who died during its construction.

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