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Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi - Thailand

Erawan Waterfalls Monkey, Erawan WaterfallsErawan Waterfalls

Erawan Waterfalls are probably Thailands most photographed sets of falls and situated not far from Kanchanaburi in Erawan National park.  The seven tiered falls are named after Erawan, the three headed elephant of Hindu mythology – apparently the highest level bears a resemblance to the beast.  Each of the seven tiers has many smaller falls, with crystal clear water and teeming with fish.

Erawan falls are a very popular picnic spot with local Thais and the lower levels are crowded with families enjoying the outdoors and swimming in the turqouoise waters.  Monkeys range around ready to pounce on unattended food – they'll even snatch carrier bags from people walking along!

The upper levels of waterfalls are a bit of a trek up steep paths through the jungle and over wet ground.  In the dry season the top falls reduce to a trickle over the top of the cliffs, but the climb through the jungle past huge vines and tropical trees is quite an adventure anyway!

It's worth taking your time here – some travel agents in Kanchanaburi cram a few other attractions in on the same day trips which limits your time at the falls themselves.  There are plenty of pools to swim in and it's a really pleasant spot for a picnic.

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