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Wat Pho, Bangkok - Thailand

Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho

Wat Pho was Thailand's first university, but is now more famous for a gigantic reclining Buddha.  At fourty five metres long, the Buddha is only slightly smaller than the building it is housed in meaning it's difficult to appreciate its size.  The face is huge, with a serene smile looking down upon the many visitors.  The feet are massive too and inlaid with mother of pearl illustrating the 108 auspicious signs that indicate the true Buddha.  Worshipers drop coins into the many brass pots that line one of the walls and the temple rings with the sound of these wishes.

The rest of the temple complex is much more peaceful with beautifully decorated towers in mosaiced flowers.  There's also a gallery and inner temple filled with the countries largest collection of Buddha statues.  It takes a while to notice that the mountain of gold that the main Buddha image resides on is actually made up of hundreds of other smaller Buddha statues.

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