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Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok - Thailand

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Located near to Bangkok's northern bus terminal, Chatuchak weekend market is Bangkok's most memorable shopping experience.  The sprawling complex is home to around eight thousand stalls selling everything imaginable - plus much more.

The market is divided into specialist quarters and the shady lanes are filled with all manner of clothing, textiles and handicrafts from all over Thailand and South East Asia.  Some stalls are selling factory made-clothing, while others are unique boutiques run by the actual designers.  Some sections specialise in wooden or rattan furniture and there are shipping companies based here to help organise getting everything home for you.  There's even a section of pet stalls selling squirrels and chipmunks, although you might have a hard time getting them home!

Chatuchak market is only open at the weekends, but definitely worth the visit if you are in Bangkok at the right time.  It's almost too much to take in in one go – and the narrow lanes make a confusing experience at times.  It's difficult to retrace your steps – apparently there are maps available from the tourist office near one of the entrances to make things easier.  Part of the market's charm is the maze of stalls and exploring and finding some unique items.

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