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Vietnam - Country Guide


Vietnam is a country of chaotic, vibrant cities, stunning jungle-clad mountains and long sandy beaches. The struggle for independance has been a long one but nearly 40 years after reunification Vietnam is recovering well.

Vietnam has has two major cities, ancient Hanoi in the Red River Delta in the north and modern Ho Chi Minh City in the Mekong Delta in the south. Between the two cities is a narrow, mountainous coastal strip, home to the former Imperial City of Hue and the charming port town of Hoi An. Relics of the American War are scattered through this central region, a draw for many visitors from the West.

Life in the countryside is still sedate, with farmers in the traditional conical hats a common sight. Many minority tribes still live a traditional lifestyle in the mountains. City life is another world, busy brash and hectic but still with the underlying charm and character that makes up Vietnam.

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