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Ha Long Bay - Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Ha Long BayHa Long BayCaves, Ha Long Bay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam's most popular destinations and justafiably so. The network of hidden coves, bizzare rock outcrops and tiny islands, all surrounded by turquoise waters are best explored on an overnight trip.

The boats take you through much of the bay, sailing peacefully between tall needle sharp ridges and the islands that make up this magnificent landscape. Area can often be hazy but this adds to the atmosphere of the area. There are several caves that can be explored, showing off impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Other caves are only accessible by water - residents from the floating villages will take you through them if the tide is right. Kayaking also popular here - the still waters and dramatic scenery make for a very interesting paddle.

The overnight stop is incredibly peaceful with just the lapping of water to be heard. Sunrise is quite magical with the dawn light slowly bringing the surrounding islands into focus through the early morning mists.

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