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Western Europe

Western Europe's history and location has led to a massive variety of cultures and landscapes in a surprisingly small space. Transport links within the region and fast and efficient and it's easy to get round the major cities.

Classical cities such as Paris, Rome and Vienna are firmly on the tourist itinery, but other cities have as much to offer too, often with less tourists and a more authentic feel. Towering castles and picturesque palaces dot the region and you are never far from a ancient church, bustling town square or tranquil village. Museum and galleries are plentiful - the Uffizi in Florence or the Prado in Madrid are some of the best in the world.

The countryside has a great variety too, from the dramatic Alpine peaks and glaciers to the surf lashed dunes of the French Atlantic coast. Verdant hills and flat plains of Germany and France contrast greatly with the mountainous interior of both Italy and Spain. National parks cover Western Europe, protecting a great deal of the land and wildlife, from marmots in Austria's Hohe Tauren to flamingos in the wetlands of Spain's Ebre Delta.

Whatever your tastes there's something here for you!