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Communicating with Home

If you're away for a substantial amount of time away then you'll want to keep in touch with those friends and family back home. With the spread of internet cafes and wireless internet, you're never far from a connection with home.

Wireless internet is found for free or for a nominal charge in many campsites and guesthouses around the world. It's the cheapest places that tend to offer the most for free - the better hotels will charge for wireless access. This means if you've a phone or laptop you can connect to the internet for no extra charge.

Internet cafes are still very useful - especially when you need to book accommodation or print your travel tickets.

If you are planning on spending a while in one country it may be worth buying a local SIM card for your phone - sometimes these are given away for free at airports. Some of these will allow you to make very cheap international calls.

It's also possible to buy a SIM card and modem that allows you to connect a laptop to the internet. These are very fast in suitable areas and as you are connecting locally pretty cheap.

Be very careful with your data usage otherwise - charges can be very high when roaming and you will also be charged to receive incoming calls, even those that divert to your answerphone.

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