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Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown Insurance is highly recommended when driving abroad. Most companies provide rescue and recovery across the whole of Europe, even outside of the EU. They will also pay for repatriation of your vehicle should thinsg go seriously wrong and provide an alternate driver if the driver falls ill. They will liase with local garages when repairing your vehicle which helps with the language barrier.

European cover is however a lot more expensive than the highest level of home cover and the level of service available depends on the value of your vehicle. Repatriation, when repairs cannot be completed before you are due to return home, is available up to the current market value of your vehicle. From Eastern Europe this could cost upwards of £4K so if effect you aren't covered if your vehicle is worth less than this.

If you're travelling by campervan or motorhome bear in mind that if you break down, it's your accommodation as well that will need fixing!

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