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Essential Equipment

Legal requirements vary as to the equipment you must have with you in your vehicle. If you are hiring a car all this should be supplied, but if you are taking your own vehicle it's worth double checking the laws of the countries you are visiting.

Legally required equipment

These items are legally required in some or all countries.  Laws do change frequently so check the laws of each country you will be driving through.

  • 'Beam benders' to adjust your headlights so the dipped beams do not dazzle oncoming traffic.

  • Warning triangle - Some countries eg Spain require that you carry two with you.

  • Reflective jackets - These must be carried in the passenger compartment and have one for every passenger.

  • Spare headlight bulbs

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • GB sticker - unless you have a EU numberplate

  • Brethalyser test kits - recently introduced to France

Recommended Equipment

These items are's legally required anywhere but can make your journey that much easier!

  • Good quality, up to date road maps

  • Foot pump/compressor

  • Flat tyer refiller for emergency use

  • Spare oil + fluids

  • Spare fuel can (carrying fuel in a container is illegal in some countries!)

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