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Motorway Tolls

While Europe has a good network of motorways to make your big journeys fast, much of the network is toll-based and can be expensive if you are travelling long distances on them.

Toll Free

Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg have toll-free motorways for private vehicles. Other countries have some motorways that are toll-free or with toll-free sections.

Toll Motorways

France, Spain, Portugal Italy Croatia and Poland have sections of their motorways with toll booths. These are usually ticketed with payment on exit, depending on the distance travelled, although there are some flat-rate sections. Payment is by cash or card and sometimes foreign currency is accepted for payment but at poor rates.

Motorway Passes

Switzerland, Autria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic all have a Vingette motorway pass system. These are usually available on the border and in petrol stations as well as in services in the neighbouring countries. Passes are usually valid for a range of durations including 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or more. The exception is the Swiss Pass which is valid for a calendar year plus the following January.

There are no restrictions on accessing motorways without a valid pass - there are limited signs in countries that have any at all - so be careful if you decide not to buy a pass. Random checks are electronically managed and can lead to large fines if you don't have a valid pass.

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