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Europe Road Trips

Europe isn't the first location that comes to mind when thinking of a road trip. However the continent has a variety of landscape and the history and culture to rival anywhere in the world. They key with Europe is variety - there is so much compacted into a small space that you can experience a different landscape every day.

Crossing the Alps over one of the great passes can be a rewarding experience, especially in the spring or early summer where the snow is still metres deep, and within a few hours you can be on the coast or in one of the great cities.

The coast of Croatia is an amazing drive, while the Tuscan hills and historic cities of Italy are interspersed with vineyards and scattered villages. The Danube valley has a wealth of natural beauty, innumerable castles and vibrant cities.

If you're after more open country then the wilds of Scandanavia can be a good choice, looping through some of the most sparsely populated areas of the continent and crossing the Arctic Circle.