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Road Trip Equipment

What to take on your journey varies from country to country, but there are a few essentials that will make life easier for you.

Make sure your vehicle is recently serviced and that you have spare oil, brake and steering fluids and a basic tool kit. You'll also need the compulsory safety equipment for each country (see country guide for more info), usually a warning triangle or two, reflective vests, first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Don't forget headlight adjusters (beam benders) and a nationality sticker if you are heading to Europe. If you're hiring a car, these will usually be provided for you.

Make sure your insurance and travel insurances are sorted and if taking your own car, breakdown cover of some kind. Again, if you are renting a vehicle insurance and some kind of breakdown cover are usually included.

A cool box or car fridge will help on longer journeys, while a good selection of music really helps the miles go by. A radio transmitter such as iTrip that plugs into your mp3 player or phone can be used to transmit directly to your car radio. Don't forget battery chargers for these though!

Finally you'll need good, detailled maps for planning your journey. Satnav can be useful too for finding specific destinations in towns but your really need a good map for the longer journeys. Make sure both are up to date - many roads are still being built and road numbers and junctions change frequently, and following an innacurate map or satnav directions get leave you lost!