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Planning a Road Trip

For a road trip to be successful you need to think on why you are taking it. Do you have specific destinations you want to visit or is it just a case of getting out on the open road? Either way you'll want a route that avoids the main motorways and cities - these are generally very busy roads and aren't fun to drive anywhere in the world.

When considering your major destinations don't plan to visit too many places in the time you have. Part of the fun of a road trip is breaking your journey in some small town and experiencing the local culture there.

If you are hiring a car then you need to be looking at a circular route to save retracing your steps. Alternatively if you can arrange to pick up and drop off in different locations you can drive a more linear route, although this can sometimes add to the cost of your rental.

For each leg of your journey make sure you plan enough breaks into your day for food and rest. With a bit of careful planning you can aim to break your journey at scenic viewpoints or historic towns.

It's worth taking some time over your planning - that way once your car is packed you are ready to go and can concentrate on the experience itself.