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Campervan Layouts

The internal layout of a van is probably the most important aspect. There needs to be enough living space to provide comfortable living. Storage must be easily accessible and headroom in the correct places. It should be as easy as possible to set the bed out without moving too much around. The size of the bed, width and height of seats are very important for comfortable living. Extra seating beyond what you need is worthwhile, as it can provide a different view of the room and more space for longer trips.

There needs to be the right number of passenger seats registered on the V5 registration document and with the right seatbelt mountings if appropriate. European law doesn't currently require the fitting of seatbelts in the rear of motorhomes. However any new vehicles must have them fitted and if seatbelts are present they must be used.

A 'Captain's chair' can be a welcome addition to a campervan. Replacing the front seats with rotating chairs adds extra length to the living area by utilising the cab.

Rock and roll beds are also a very useful addition to a van. A double seat folds quite easily into a bed with the minimum of effort. The only drawback is a reduction in the amount of storag space.

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