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Why Camping?

A lot of people associate camping with a small, damp tent in a soggy field with nothing but a roll mat between you and the cold ground. It doesn't have to be like that and things have moved on a long way with a wide choice of waterproof tents and other equipment making camping quite luxurious if that's how you want it to be.

Camping is a great way of exploring the world. It allows you to travel with flexibility, and whether you are cycling, backpacking or using your car to get around there is a tent to suit your needs.

Camping allows you to take your own little home away with you, which can be kitted out just how you want it. Inflatable beds can give as much comfort as home, and with an electric connection you can even take your television or laptop.

Camping is simple and cheap, gives you loads of space and lets you cook your own food - or eat out - as you want. If you are backpacking, campsites can be cheaper than hostels and are as accessible.

Campsites vary immensely and can give you any type of environment to place your canvas home. Wild sites allow you to get in touch with nature, whilst lively city camps or relaxed beach campsites can give you a whole different experience. And you can mix and match all of these in the same trip for a varied holiday!

Larger holiday parks will give you all the entertainment, restaurants and other facilities you need, and even a basic campsite will have enough outdoor fun for kids to enjoy.

Outdoor living is the most enjoyable part of camping - but you are very much dependent on the weather. While a modern tent will stay dry in all weathers, it's not always the most fun in the wet, especially when arriving or leaving - but with a bit of planning and checking of weather forecasts you can always find somewhere dry. Much of Europe doesn't see much rain at all in the summer and has much more predictable weather than the UK, allowing you to pick the best destination for the time of year.